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Mar 1, 2022 | inspiration

If you were coming to the end of your life and it was a life well-lived. A life you’re really proud of. What would matter to you more, making a massive amount of money or having a massive impact on the quality of lives of the people you know?

And when I asked that question, I got to tell you, my answer is having a massive impact on the quality of people’s lives. 

I have had the privilege of being in the education business most of my life. I have taught people younger than me and people who are older than me. I experienced my fair share of tough times and good times. But the times that I’ve made the most significant impact on my students’ lives will live in my heart forever.

A few years ago, I taught, somewhat informally, a sixteen-year-old girl from a small town in Chiang Mai called Chiang Doa conversational English. Her name is Hom. 

Hom was unwilling to contemplate a future where she sold vegetables at the local market with her mother. Instead, she set her heart on becoming a tour guide, so she wanted to learn how to speak English.

She walked 2 hours from her home each week on Thursday morning to have a 30 minutes conversation in English with me online. At the time, I lived in Sydney, and our time differed by 3 hours during the winter and 4 hours during Summer. Hom had to leave home at 4 am each morning during summer and 5 am during winter to a small shop in the town’s CBD to rent a computer and 30 minutes of internet usage.

After three years of conversational English lessons, Hom can understand and she can respond in complete sentences to people speaking English to her. 

When Hom first received news from Aimo Tours that they wanted her on their Tour Guide team, Hom felt elated and needed to call someone to share her joy. So, she lined me. When I picked up call her call, she couldn’t speak. She was lost for words. I repeatedly asked, “Is everything ok?” 

After some time, she smiled. She had forgotten all words, so she just smiled. I understood her smile and smiled back. We smiled at each other for about 5 minutes long, and in those 5 minutes, we communicated more than we ever did with words. 

The incident was profoundly and permanently marked my heart. I guess the moment was priceless and will always be one of ‘THE’ moments in my life.

The online education industry grew from its infancy when I started teaching Hom to now, where it’s really literally exploding.

If you know any specialized knowledge you can share with people to improve their quality of life or business, you can impact lives. 

Jason is a weight coach from Malaysia. Ten years back, everything changed for Jason after getting his blood tested in a Shopping Mall when he was 29-year-old. 

He discovered he had high Cholesterol, high Uric acid, very high blood pressure. He suffered constant Gout attacks, breakouts on his face, his back, and he has serious weight problems. 

His doctor put him on medications. Jason was not comfortable relying on medicine at his age. He asked the doctor, “Is there a way for me not to rely on medication?” 

The doctor simply answered, “lose weight”. So he exercised. He jogged intensively, only to tear his knees off. After the knee surgery, Jason could use only 80% of his knees capacity and this affected his life physically and mentally.

He started learning dieting techniques from Gurus. As a result of dieting, he was frequently tired, constantly craved food, and had terrible mood swings.

It took him two years to create a dieting technique that solved his problems. Jason started living a happy, healthy life. So now Jason is teaching what he does believe he strongly believes that he could impact lives and that they don’t need to go through what he went through.

You can watch Jason’s journey here. Click

The knowledge industry is a $355 million a day industry. Further, Forbes reported that this industry will be a billion dollars a day by 2025. 

That’s a big marketplace. I believe that all humans have equal rights, but we’re not equal in the marketplace. Some earn $9 per hour, and some earn $9 per minute. 

What makes you equal is your ability to develop specialized knowledge. You can use this knowledge to help somebody improve their business, their life, their ability to cut hair, be a CPA, or deal with a problem in their life.

And now is the opportunity. The large market size is your launching pad, and it’s the big wave you need to surf. So, let me ask it this way…where is the biggest opportunity in anything in life? When was it like the Netflix compared to blockbuster, the Uber compared to Taxi, and the internet compared to snail mail? 

The biggest opportunity is when there’s a big problem, a big, massive problem that needs to be solved. And that problem is being solved through self-education or informal education because traditional education is broken.

You’ll have the opportunity to fix this together. We will show you how to get paid for a skill, hobby, passion, and expertise. We’ve got a step-by-step process for doing exactly that. 

Together we’ll impact the world while tapping into a new revenue stream. Wouldn’t that be amazing to help somebody impact their lives and get paid?   When you put your expertise into an online course, you change your students’ lives–and your own. 

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