Utter Refund Policy & Procedures.
Last updated: June 16, 2021


We want every customer to be satisfied with their experience using our Utter platform.

We are about honesty, fairness, and customer satisfaction. We have no problem issuing a full refund before the course begins. Hence, students can only receive a full refund on purchase courses via Utter.


1.0  Session – A session is a time allocated to a class

1.1  Schedule– is a collection of sessions, no more than ten. It consists of a set of times and dates mapped to all the sessions in the schedule.

1.2  A course – is a unit of teaching with specific content aimed at transforming lives. It consists of one or more schedules, and each schedule can contain up to ten sessions.

1.3 Utter Payment System – is the technology that captures and transfers payment data from the students purchasing courses on Utter to the Instructors or owners of the course.

1.4 A brand a name given to an individual or institution establishing a business through creating, selling and/or teaching their courses on Utter.

Refunds on Utter are only for courses purchased through the Utter Payment System. For courses purchased directly through a brand, please refer to the brand’s refund policy and procedures.

1. Full refund applies when

      • A refund is requested before the start of the course.
      • The course instructor cancels his scheduled lessons before or during the schedule.
      • The Utter Administrator determined, at its discretion, a full refund is necessary.

2. Partial refund applies when

The instructor has missed a session or more, and the lessons are not made up. The students will receive a pro-rate refund amount from the course.


3. No refund will be granted when

      • The student missed one or more sessions because of a weak internet connection in their location, power cuts or any other technical problem with their devices (mobile, laptop, tablet).
      • The student decided to drop the course after it has started.
      • The student has a misadventure such as a sickness or illness during the course.

Courses Purchased Through A Brand

A brand is responsible for the refunds of the courses purchased directly through the brand. It is the student responsibility to review the brand’s refund policy and procedure carefully. Hence, Utter bears no responsibility for the brand’s refund policy.

However, students can report to the Utter’s administrator if they feel they have been mistreated.

Refund For Brands

Utter does not fund, whether it’s a partial refund or a full refund, a brand deciding to cancel their subscription before the expiration date. Subscription fees would be automatically renewed at the end of the billing period unless the subscription was revoked before the billing period.

Our payments system runs on the UTC timezone, so we recommend you don’t leave it to the last minute to cancel if you want to avoid being charged.

Requesting a refund

For students requesting via Utter:

1) Login to https://www.utter.live

2) To request a refund on Utter, students will have to click on their profile icon and click my enrolment.

3) Select the course you have enrolled in, and you’ll see an action button on the right. Click action>refund request

4) Fill in the required information for the refund request and attached any supporting document. Click the send

Issuing a Refund

Utter will issue refund payments upon request. It can take up to 5-7 business days for debit/credit card payments to be processed.

Refund payment made via Paypal can take between 7 to 30 days to process the payment. For more information, please click here: https://www.paypal.com/gf/smarthelp/article/i-want-a-refund.-how-do-refunds-work-faq3248