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Quick Start Guide

For students

All the essentials to help you get started on Utter as a user or a learner with ease.

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Quick troubleshooting

Recommended devices

In short:

A computer with a standard browser ( Chrome, Safari or Firefox).

In details:

For your best experiences, we strongly recommend using a computer with a stable internet connection to participate all live online events through a standard browser which are Chrome, Safari and Firefox. 

Other devices such as a smartphone or a tablet are allowed but no recommended as users might have chances to find a device compatability issue with some older operation system.

My microphone and camera are not working

In short: 

Reload the page, either press “F5” or right click then select “reload”..

In details:

  1. If reloading the page doesn’t solve the issue, please check if your browser is allowed to access your microphone and camera or not. Click here for more instruction
  2. Make sure you have selected the right input devices at the bottom left of your screen during a live online session.
  3. If none of above works, please contact your instructor immediately.
I got disconnected

In short:

Use a standard browser or reload the page.

In details:

Generally, the system will automatically reconnect you back to the class if you got disconnected accidentally. If it doesn’t, please reload the page or try changing a standard browser such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Best to connect via computer.

If the problem still occurs, please contact your instructor immediately.

I see a blank page

In short:

Use a standard browser for instance; Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

In details:

If you see a blank page, there is a possibility that you are using a native browser from some certain applications such as Line app, Facebook, Gmail or Whatsapp.

We strongly recommend you to use a standard browser by copy a webpage’s URL then paste it on a standard browser.

An access code not working

What is the access code? (important)

The access code is an alternative way for students to enroll into particular courses without making a payment. It should be used only once for enrolling but not for accessing a classroom.

If you try to use the access code to get in the class, please watch the video above on “how to go live” instead.