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Sign Up

How do I create an account?

1. Go to “Sign Up” on the top right corner of the UttrLive homepage. 

2. For the second step, you can begin by entering down your email and creating a new password. After you are satisfied with your password and have agreed to our terms and conditions, please click “Sign up”. 

3. You will receive an activation email notification from the email you signed up with. Click the activation button on your email and this will bring you back to the UttrLive website. 

4. Next, you will need to write your display name, first name and last name. Click continue, and you will be directed to the final stage of signing up.

5. Lastly, you need to pick at least 3 or more educational categories that you are interested in. This allows the website to recommend any relevant classes that you may find like to take.